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Decorative Glass Film

Interlayer Solutions offers a wide range of decorative glass films for project of all sizes.

We deliver throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and worldwide.

Decorative Glass Film Europe

Customized Designs

Decorative glass film is an exceptional way to increase the interior aesthetics of any building. It improves decor, design, privacy and brightness, while reducing heat and filtering UV rays.

At Interlayer Solutions, we have the perfect products for various applications.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. We guarantee professional and customized assistance.

Transform glass into the best feature of your building

Quality Glass Films

Our products are carefully manufactured using the best techniques, the latest technologies and quality materials. From traditional to cutting-edge, we have films to suit different styles and vision.

Glass films are also very practical, offering varying degrees of transparency and privacy.

Interlayer Solutions additionally supplies sound proof glass film and UV laminating film. Browse the website to learn more.

Films to suit different styles and visions

Our Strengths

  • Years of experience
  • Industry knowledge
  • Professional team
  • Quality-driven

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