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Sound Proof Glass Film

For quality soundproof glass film, look no further than Interlayer Solutions!

We supply a variety of products across the USA, Europe, Australia, and worldwide.

Sound Proof Glass Film North America

Peaceful Space

To help clients maintain a peaceful internal environment in their residential or commercial building, we offer a wide range of reliable and efficient soundproof glass films.

Our products are intelligently designed and manufactured to provide optimum acoustic solutions for your soundproofing needs.

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Optimum acoustic solutions for your soundproofing needs

High-Performance Glass Films

Along with being high-performance, our films are aesthetically pleasing, adding to the comfort and decor of your premises.

Our films significantly reduce noise levels without compromising the elegance of your space.

Interlayer Solutions also specializes in film for tempered glass and many other glass lamination products. Browse the website to learn more.

We can improve the comfort and decor of your building

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