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Interlayer solutions is a specialized distributor of GLASS LAMINATION products and also offers technical services such as training and support. We are proud to offer our services to our clients but also, to any company that requires support, specific training or simply to learn more about the latest technologies in Glass Lamination.

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Interlayer Solutions

At Interlayer Solutions, all of our clients are equal regardless the size of their business or purchase frequency. We focus on providing an outstanding service and we make sure to stay up to date with the ever changing technology. Read more​​​​​


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A permanent staff of technicians is maintained exclusively to provide technical support, as needed, to resolve problems as they may occur at customer locations Learn about our Technical Services



EVALAYER is an EVA-based thermoset adhesive film with unparalleled molecular cross-linking capabilities. Developed for laminated glass applications, EVALAYER is a very stable material made with ethylene vinyl acetate (also known as EVA) and is used for laminated glass Learn more about EVALAYER



Established in 2008, we provide high-quality products and solutions for all types of large glass lamination projects. We serve clients in the USA and distribute products worldwide.


Leading Distributor In Glass Lamination

Interlayer Solutions specializes in the distribution of glass lamination products in the USA and across the globe. We also offer technical training and support services to individual clients and companies requiring specific skill sets or looking to learn about the latest glass lamination technologies.

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We distribute glass lamination products in the USA and across the globe

Innovative Glass Lamination Products

At Interlayer Solutions, each client’s project is a top priority, regardless of the size of their business or purchase frequency. We strive to provide outstanding customer service and ensure that we are always up-to-date with ever-changing technology.

If you are a commercial designer or business owner specializing in glass, or an individual project developer in need of glass lamination products, get in touch!

We take your requirements into consideration and ensure that all your needs are met

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  • Premium quality products
  • Cost-effective and reliable solutions for your projects
  • Expert technical support and training
  • Excellent customer service

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