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Complementary Products

DecoLayer Color

Interlayer Solutions offers PET rolls in a wide range of colors and textures. Our DecoLayer Color films can be used in multiple applications to decorate architectural and construction compositions.

DecoLayer Color PET films laminated with Evalayer offer maximum durability and stability of colors, 99,9% protection against UV rays, moisture resistance, resistance to delamination and yellowing, very low hazing and superior impact resistance


DecoLayer Mesh

Engineered for glass lamination, DecoLayer|Mesh is made with high performance fibers, metal-coated on both sides with aluminum, bronze, titanium and inox*. Laminating with DecoLayer|Mesh will allow you to obtain spectacular metallic mesh effects with the flexibility of a synthetic fabric.


Precision and three dimensional fabrics, high performance fibers, metal-coated for glass lamination. Fashion and technology: The added value for interiors and architecture.

Decolayer Mesh

DecoLayer Special

If you are looking for decorative products that are not available on our website or brochure, contact us!

Vacuum Tapes

Interlayer Solutions also supplies high-quality silicone-based edging tapes for glass lamination. This prevents EVA spill overs, while letting the air pass through. This prevents the formation of bubbles in glass assembly. Three different sizes are available: 1", 1,5" and 2".

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