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Complementary Products


Interlayer Solutions Inc offers PET decorative inserts in a wide range of colors and textures.




Our DecoLayer|Color films are made with multiple uses in mind, from architectural decorations to construction compositions.

DecoLayer|Color films properly laminated with EVALAYER maintain:

  • Maximum clarity, durability and stability over time
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Moisture resistance (suitable for exterior, open-edge applications)
  • Resistance to delamination and very low haze
  • Superior impact resistance (EVALAYER complies with ANSI Z97.1)


Engineered for glass lamination, DecoLayer|Mesh is made with high performance fibers, metal-coated on both sides with aluminum, bronze, titanium and inox*.

Precision and three dimensional fabrics, high performance fibers, metal-coated for glass lamination. Fashion and technology: The added value for interiors and architecture.



Laminating with DecoLayer|Mesh will allow you to obtain spectacular metallic mesh effects with the flexibility of a synthetic fabric.



Decolayer Mesh

DecoLayer Special

If you are looking for decorative products that are not available on our website or brochure, contact us!

Vacuum Tapes

Interlayer Solutions Inc is a supplier of high-quality silicone-based edging tapes. This prevents EVA spill overs while letting the air pass through and stops the formation of bubbles in glass assembly. Available in: 1", 1,5" and 2".

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