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New Products


TransiLayer is a decorative insert that change the tinted state on your laminated glass based on sunlight intensity. When the laminated glass is exposed to the sun, the insert changes from a lighter to a darker tinted state.

TransiLayer is a non-adhesive insert that could be laminated putting it in between two sheets of EVALAYER (thermoset EVA films).

EVALAYER film (properly processed) will act as a shield protecting the insert from high temperatures during the lamination process and keeping the product stable in time even if the laminated glass is installed outdoors using pre-encapsulation technique.


Decolayer Color Multichromatic BG is a polymeric insert developed for the glass lamination industry that offers to glass processors, architecs and designers endless possibilities for decorative laminated glass due to its multichromatic effect.


At a glance, laminated glass using Decolayer Color Multichromatic BG decorative insert appears to change colors depending on the angle of view.



Soundproof with EVALAYER

Properly laminated our film EVALAYER provides excellent sound isolation features.





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